Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients

APIs CAS No Therapeutic Segment Chemical Formula Specification GMP DMF USFDA EDQM
Agomelatine ( Form I & Premix ) 138112-76-2 Anti Depressant C15H17NO2 In House
Albendazole 54965-21-8 Anti Helmintic C12H15N3O2S BP / EP / USP
Alfuzosin Hydrochloride 81403-68-1 Anti Hypertensive C19H28ClN5O4 BP / EP / USP
Allopurinol 315-30-0 Central Nervous Stimulant C5H4N4O BP / EP / USP
Alogliptin 850649-61-5 Central Nervous Stimulant C18H21N5O2 EP / USP
Amisulpride 71675-85-9 Anti Psychotic C17H27N3O4S BP / EP / USP
Adapalene 106685-40-9 Antiacne C28H28O3 NA
Apixaban 503612-47-3 Anti Thrombotic C25H25N5O4 In House
Amorolfine 67467-83-8 Antifungal C21H35NO NA
Adiphenine Hydrochloride 50-42-0 Local Anasthetic C20H25NO2.ClH In House T/P
Aripiprazole 129722-12-9 Anti Psychotic C23H27Cl2N3O2 BP / EP / USP / IP / In House
Atropine Sulfate 55-48-1 Antimuscarinic agent 2C17H23NO3.H2O4S USP/EP
Azelaic Acid 123-99-9 Skin treatment C9H16O4 EP
Azilsartan Medoxomil Potassium Salt 863031-24-7 Anti Hypertensive C30H25KN4O8 In House
Alizapride 59338-93-1 Gastroprokinetic C16H21N5O2 In House
Betaine 107-43-7 Reduce homocysteine C5H11NO2 USP
Bilastine Form I & Form II 202189-78-4 Anti Histamine C28H37N3O3 In House
Biperiden Hydrochloride 1235-82-1 Muscarinic antagonist C21H30ClNO In House T/P
Bisoprolol 325.44304 Anti Hypertensive C18H31NO4 BP / EP / USP
Brimonidine Tartrate 70359-46-5 Anti Glaucoma C15H16BrN5O6 In House
Cabergoline 81409-90-7 Dopamine receptor agonists C26H37N5O2 EP
Calcipotriol 112828-00-9 Vitamin D Derivative C27H40O3 EP/BP
Calcium L-5-Methyltetrahydrofolate 151533-22-1 Folic Acid Supplement C20H27CaN7O6 USP
Carbamazepine 298-46-4 Anti Convulsant C15H12N2O BP / EP / USP
Carisoprodol 78-44-4 Anti Hypertensive C12H24N2O4 USP
Carvedilol 72956-09-3 Anti Hypertensive C24H26N2O4 BP / EP / USP / IP
Aminocaproic Acid 60-32-2 Control Bleeding C6H13NO2 NA
Chlorhexidine Base / Digluconate 20% 55-56-1 Anti Septic C22H30Cl2N10 BP / EP / USP
Choline Dihydrogen Citrate 77-91-8 Lipotropic Agent C6H7O7.C5H14NO USP - NF
Cinitapride Hydrogen Tartrate 66564-14-5 Anti Emetic C21H30N4O4 In House
Clomifene citrate 50-41-9 Infertility C32H36ClNO8 In House
Coumarin 91-64-5 Anticoagulant C9H6O2 In House
Dabigatran Etexilate Mesylate 872728-81-9 Anti Thrombotic C34H41N7O5.CH4O3S In House
Dapagliflozin 461432-26-8 Anti Diabetic C21H25ClO6 In House T/P
Dapoxetine Hydrochloride 119356-77-3 Premature Ejaculation C21H23NO In House / IP T/P
Deferasirox 201530-41-8 Iron Chelator C21H15N3O4 In House
Dextromethorphan 125-71-3 Antitussive C18H25NO BP / EP / USP
Amlodipine Besylate 111470-99-6 Anti Hypertensive C26H31ClN2O8S EP/ IP/USP
Almotriptan Malate 181183-52-8 Anti Migraine C21H31N3O7S USP T/P
Aprepitant 170729-80-3 Anti Emetic C23H21F7N4O3 In House
Atazanavir 198904-31-3 Treatment of HIV C38H52N6O7 In House
Atracurium Besylate 64228-81-5 Muscle Relaxant C65H82N2O18S2 US P /BP / IP
Azacitidine 320-67-2 Anti Neoplastic C8H12N4O5 IP / IH
Balofloxacin 127294-70-6 Antibacterial C20H24FN3O4 In House
Bazedoxifene 198481-32-2 Prevention of Postmenopausal Osteoporosis C30H34N2O3 In House T/P
Bempedoic Acid 738606-46-7 Antilipemic C19H36O5 NA
Benznidazole 22994-85-0 Antiprotozoals C12H12N4O3 NA
Benfotiamine 22457-89-2 Dietary Supplement C19H23N4O6PS In House T/P
Benzetimide HCl 5633-14-7 Anti cholinergic C23H27ClN2O2 NA
Besifloxacin Hydrochloride 405165-61-9 Anti Bacterial C19H22Cl2FN3O3 NA
Betahistine Dihydrochloride 5579-84-0 Treatment of Ménière's syndrome  C8H14Cl2N2 BP / EP / USP / IP
Betahistine Mesilate 54856-23-4 Treatment of Ménière's syndrome  C8H12N2.2CH4O3S BP / EP / JP
Bortezomib 179324-69-7 Anti cancer C19H25BN4O4 IP / IH
Brexpiprazole 913611-97-9 Anti Depressant C25H27N3O2S In House
Brivaracetam 357336-20-0 Anticonvulsant C11H20N2O2 NA
Cadazolid 1025097-10-2 Anti Bacterial C29H29F2N3O8 In House T/P
Carbimazole 22232-54-8 Antihyperthyroidism C7H10N2O2S NA
Capecitabine 154361-50-9 Anti Neoplastic C15H22FN3O6 USP / IP / Ph.Eur
Carbidopa 38821-49-7 Anti Parkinson C10H16N2O5 EP /USP
Capsaicin 404-86-4 Analgesic C18H27NO3 NA
Carbinoxamine 486-16-8 Anti Allergic C16H19ClN2O In House
Cariprazine HCl 1083076-69-0 Anti Psychotic C21H33Cl3N4O In House
Carvedilol Phosphate 610309-89-2 Anti Hypertensive C24H26N2O4.H2O.H3O4P In House T/P
Cevimeline 124620-88-8 Sjögren's syndrome (Dry mouth) C10H17NOS NA
Cetilistat 282526-98-1 Anti Obesity C25H39NO3 In House T/P
Cetirizine 83881-51-0 Anti-histamines C21H25ClN2O3 BP / EP / USP UD
Chlorthalidone 77-36-1 Antihypertensive C14H11ClN2O4S NA
Chlorzoxazone 95-25-0 Muscle Relaxant C7H4ClNO2 USP
Chlorothiazide Sodium 7085-44-1 Diuretic C7H5ClN3NaO4S2 NA
Cilostazol 73963-72-1 Anti Platlet C20H27N5O2 USP / IP /JP
Citalopram Hydrobromide 59729-32-7 Anti Depressant C20H22BrFN2O EP/IP/USP
Citicoline 33818-15-4 Anti – Alzheimer C14H27N4NaO11P2 In House
Daclatasivir Dihydrochloride 1009119-65-6 Treatment of Hepatitis C C40H50N8O6.2(HCl) In House T/P
Deutetrabenazine 1392826-25-3 CNS Agent C19H27NO3 NA
Dex Rabeprazole 171440-18-9 Anti Ulcerative C18H22N3NaO3S In House
Dexmedetomidine 113775-47-6 Sedative C13H16N2 NA
Dex Lansoprazole 138530-94-6 Anti Ulcerative C16H14F3N3O2S In House / IP
Docosanol 661-19-8 Antiviral C22H46O NA
Diacerein 13739-02-1 Osteoarthritis C19H12O8 NA
Diltiazem 42399-41-7 Anti Hypertensive C22H26N2O4S BP / EP / USP / IP / In House
Divalproex Sodium 76584-70-8 Anticonvulsant C8H17NaO2 BP / EP / USP
DL Methionine 59-51-8 Amino Acid C5H11NO2S BP / EP
Donepezil HCl 110119-84-1 Anti-Alzheimer’s Disease C24H30ClNO3 NA
Dorzolamide Hydrochloride 130693-82-2 Glaucoma Treatment C10H17ClN2O4S3 In House
Doxazosin Mesylate 77883-43-3 Anti Hypertensive C24H29N5O8S BP / EP / USP N
Doxycycline Hyclate 24390-14-5 Antibiotic C24H33ClN2O10 NA
Dronedarone Hydrochloride 141625-93-6 Anti Arrhythmic C31H44N2O5S.ClH In House / USP
Duloxetine Hydrochloride 136434-34-9 Anti Depressent C18H20ClNOS BP / EP / USP
Doxycycline Monohydrate 17086-28-1 Antibiotic C22H26N2O9 NA
Ebastine 90729-43-4 Anti-histamine C32H39NO2 In-House/IP/BP/EP T/P
Eberconazole Mononitrate 130104-32-4 Anti Fungal C18H15Cl2N3O3 NA T/P
Edaravone 89-25-8 Treatment of Lateral Sclerosis C10H10N2O In House T/P
Edoxaban Tosylate 480449-71-6 Anticoagulant C31H38ClN7O7S2 In House
Efinaconazole 164650-44-6 Anti Fungal C18H22F2N4O In House

Disclaimer: Products under valid patents shall not be offered or supplied for commercial use. However, the research quantities of such products may be offered for the purpose of regulatory submissions, wherever such regulatory exemptions exist. Customers should make their independent evaluation of the patent scenario for their respective markets and shall be responsible for all patent related liabilities.

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