Direct Dyes

Direct dyes C.I. Generic Name 0.5% Shade2% Shade
Direct Yellow CFG Direct Yellow 8
Direct Yellow CFG Direct Yellow 8
Direct Yellow 5GLL Direct Yellow 44
Direct Yellow PG Direct Yellow 142
Direct Yellow G Direct Yellow 107
Direct Yellow RLL Direct Yellow 50
Direct Yellow 3GX Direct Yellow 6
Direct Yellow 2RLX Direct Yellow 86
Direct Sun Yellow RCH Direct Yellow 99
Direct Yellow NRS Direct Yellow 28
Direct Yellow ABRRL Direct Yellow 106
Direct Yellow 3RL Direct Yellow 34
Direct Paper Yellow T Direct Yellow 11
Direct Orange SE Direct Orange 26
Direct Orange WS Direct Orange 102
Direct Viscose ORANGE A Direct Orange 108
Direct Fast Scarlet 4BS Direct Orange 23
Direct Scarlet 4BNX Direct Red 239
Direct Orange GLL Direct Orange 39
Direct Fast Rose FR Direct Red 227
Direct Red NPB Direct Red 75
Direct S-Phenyl Red 6BL Direct Red 79
Direct S-Phenyl Red BFX Direct Red 254
Direct Red 5BL Direct Red 81
Direct Solophenyl Red 3BL Direct Red 80
Direct Red 12B Direct Red 31
Direct Red G2R Direct Red 111
Direct Rubine 2RL Direct Red 83
Direct Bordeaux 6B Direct Red 16
Direct Brilliantfast Violet 2RL Direct Violet 7
Direct Violet 4BLL Direct Violet 66
Direct Brilliant Fast Helio B Direct Violet 51
Direct Brilliant Violet NB Direct Violet 9
Direct Paper Violet BL Direct Violet 35
Direct Turq Blue GL Direct Blue 86
Direct Turq Blue FBL Direct Blue 199
Direct Cotton Blue G Direct Blue 8
Direct Blue 2RLL Direct Blue 80
Direct Blue NB Direct Blue 54
Direct Supra Blue BRL Direct Blue 201
Direct Copper Blue 2R Direct Blue 151
Direct Light Fast Blue GL Direct Blue 71
Direct Sky Blue FF Direct Blue 15
Direct Light Blue 5GLL Direct Blue 218
Direct Sky Blue FB Direct Blue 1
Direct Green 2BN Direct Blue 96
Direct Green NFR Direct Green 102
Direct Green NBX Direct Green 114
Direct Brown GTL Direct Green 210
Direct Brown DL4R Direct Brown 78
Direct Brown BRLL Direct Brown 95 (N/B)
DIRECT GREY L Direct Black 51
DIRECT BLACK 2G Direct Black 201
Direct Fast Black G Direct Black 19
Direct Black BF Direct Black 155
Direct Black VSF Direct Black 22 (600%)
Direct Black VSF Direct Black 22 (1600%)
Direct Black SGR Direct Black 168 (REDDER)
Direct Black SBG Direct Black 168 (GREENER)
Direct Black ESE Direct Black 179
Direct Black OBN Direct Black 80
Direct Black GR Direct Orange 1
Direct Benzopurpurine 4B Direct Red 2
Direct Congo RED Direct Red 28
Direct Red F Direct Red 1
Direct Bordeaux BW Direct Red 13
Direct Blue 2B Direct Blue 6
Direct Green PLS Direct Green 1
Direct Green B Direct Green 6
Direct Brown MR Direct Brown 2
Direct Diazo Black BT Direct Black 2
Direct Black Extra CONC Direct Black 38
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