Molkem offers a wide range of Functional Ingredients for Food, Beverage, Nutraceutical, Cosmetic, Wellness and Feed Industries. Our comprehensive product portfolio includes Phytoextracts, Probiotics, Amino Acids, Protein Hydrolysates, Mineral Chelates and Glycinates.

In collaboration with our manufacturing partners, we offer technical support to our customers for formulating new products and optimising existing formulations; thereby giving them a competitive advantage. All our products are quality certified and supported by HACCP, GMP, ISO, KOSHER and Organic certificates.

Phytochemicals and Extracts

Molkem offers a wide range of phytochemicals standardized botanical extracts and natural herbal extracts for the beverage, dietary supplements, functional foods, personal care and pharmaceutical industries. Our natural products are quality certified and supported by HACCP, GMP, ISO, KOSHER, HALAL and Organic certificates. Through our collaboration with well-respected and established phytochemicals & herbal extracts manufacturers, we reap the best what Mother Earth offers and transfer it to our clients.

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Essential Oils

Concentrated essences distilled or cold pressed from flowers, fruits, roots, bark, leaves, and herbs are known as essential oils. These hydrophobic liquids are volatile in nature and find application in various industries like food, feed, perfumery and cosmetics. They are predominantly used as food preservatives, anti-microbial agents, aroma and flavour enhancers. We offer superior quality products carefully procured from GMP certified manufacturing plants

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Oleoresins are concentrated formulations of spices and herbs. They provide flavour and, in some cases, (e.g. paprika and turmeric) colour to the food system. Oleoresins contain both volatile and non-volatile flavouring components and find applications in food, beverage, nutraceutical, health, livestock, agriculture and personal care industries. There are preferred because of their extended shelf life and consistent quality in terms of standardised flavour and aroma profile.

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Comprehensive probiotic solutions for Healthcare, Food, Dairy, Animal Care, and Agricultural industries. The Production lines are certified to meet the criteria set by CFDA-GMP/QS, ISO/HACCP, NSF-CGMP, Halal, etc. We offer: 1. Probiotic strains in bulk. 2. Probiotic blends/premix. 3. Probiotic formulations in bulk. 4. Probiotic formulations in private labels. 5. Dairy starter cultures (for yoghurt, yoghurt drink, sour cream, cottage cheese, soft cheese, etc.). 6. Agriculture probiotics: pets foods, feed additives, Direct-Fed Microbials (DFMs), silage and soybean meal starters etc.

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Amino Acids

Amino acids are key components in human and animal nutrition as a part of regular diet as well as supplements. They help in increasing overall productivity and preventing various diseases. They play an important role in sports nutrition to provide energy and endurance. Amino acids are also used as flavour enhancers and sweeteners. In feed industry, amino acids help in reducing waste release and dropping the consumption of crude protein thereby considerably cut feed cost, increase farm output and productivity of farm.

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Protein hydrolysates, Mineral Chelates and Glycinates

Minerals play a key role in regular dietary requirements of animal feed and are essential for growth, reproduction and milk production. Essential minerals are a key to many metabolic processes and act as catalysts for enzymes and hormones which are essential for optimum health of animals. Studies have proved that chelated complex of minerals with amino acids have high bioavailability and are easily absorbed by animals. Glycine is the most important amino acid in humans and animals. It is very effective in improving the health, neurological functions, metabolic regulation, anti-oxidative reactions and supports the growth and well-being of animals. Molkem Chemicals offers a range of glycinates which combine the benefits of Glycine with mineral supplementation. Glycinates of higher percentages are also available.

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Other food and feed ingredients

Antioxidants Enzymes Anti-Microbials Emulsifiers Stabilisers Probiotics Flavours Colours

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