Molkem Organic and Inorganic Pigments are capable of not only long-lasting applications but also are environmentally safe. Different grades are made for specific applications such as:

Paints : A diversified application in the whole gamut of paints that include decorative and protective coatings, in paints that are oil and resin based, automotive finishes, emulsion paints, distempers, aqueous based paints like lime etc.

Printing inks : All kinds of printing inks including: inks for printing metal foils, lacquers and more.

Leather and Textiles : Application in popular textiles such as polyesters, nylon and leather.

Plastics :Molkem Pigments are used in host of plastic applications that includes poly vinyl chloride(PVC), rubber and synthetic polymers, urea-formaldehyde(U-F) and melamine-formaldehyde moulding powders polystyrene, nylons, polyfins, phenol-formaldehyde(P-F), and acrylonitrile-butadiene-styrene resins (ABS).

Organic Pigments

Derived from organic compounds, our organic pigments are known for their chemical properties like excellent dispersion strength, ability to provide bright colour, high tinting strength, less oil absorption etc. These pigments find use in domains like inks, paints, plastics and rubber.

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Inorganic Pigments

Our diverse range of inorganic pigments with its mineral content are recognized for their chemical features like wetting property, leanness, long lasting property and cost effeciency. The variants inorganic pigments offered by us are Middle Chrome, Scarlet Chrome, Premium Rose Chrome, and Lemon Chrome and Chromium Oxide.

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