Flame Retardant Compounds

Flame Retardant Compounds CAS NO
Calcium Hypophosphite (350 C TGA) 7789-79-9
Aluminium Hypophosphite (300 C TGA) 7784-22-7
Magnesium Hypophosphite (325 C TGA) 26264-58-4
Melamine Hypophosphite (250 C TGA) NA
Melamine Pyrophosphate (250 C TGA) 15541-60-3 
Piperazine Pyrophosphate (275 C TGA) 66034-17-1
Ethylene Diamine Phosphate (EDAP) (260 C TGA) 14852-17-6
Ethylene Diamine Polyphosphate (EDAPP) (270 C TGA) Not Available
Melamine Adduct ( Water based Translucent Coating FR) Mixture
Melamine Castable ( Non Transparent Thermoset castings) Mixture

Disclaimer: Products under valid patents shall not be offered or supplied for commercial use. However, the research quantities of such products may be offered for the purpose of regulatory submissions, wherever such regulatory exemptions exist. Customers should make their independent evaluation of the patent scenario for their respective markets and shall be responsible for all patent related liabilities.

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