Hydrolysed Chickpea Protein

  • CAS Number – 100209-45-8
  • Description – With recent developments in plant based protein segment, chickpea has emerged as a rich source of dietary proteins (17–22%). Nutritionally, they have adequate levels of essential amino acids, various biological activities, and protein digestibility.
  • Application – The neutral taste, bland flavour and light colour makes hydrolysed chickpea protein a preferred ingredient for new product development including sausages, cookies, breads and noodles. Eggfree mayonnaise, puddings, icecreams, etc. have chickpea protein as a part of their formulation. Chickpea proteins and hydrolysates look to be a promising alternative to be used more broadly as functional ingredients. These hydrolysates are also being explored in the animal feed industry to improve performance of the animals.
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