Natural phytosterols

  • CAS Number – 949109-75-5, 474-67-9
  • E Number
  • Description – Phytosterols (plant sterols and stanols) are naturally occurring compounds which are found in all foods of plant origin. The term phytosterols refers to more than 200 different compounds. Phytosterol can help lower the cholesterol levels in the body. Several studies conducted by leading Research Organizations worldwide have concluded that the effective doses of Phytosterols for reduction of cholesterol are between 1.5 to 3g/day, leading to decrease in 8% to 15% of LDL-cholesterol.
  • Application – Despite this structural similarity, they are not absorbed in significant quantities. Absorption is less than 2% for phytosterols, while it is 30-60% for cholesterol. The most important benefit is their blood cholesterol-lowering effect via partial inhibition of intestinal cholesterol absorption. Nutraceutical applications include Vitamin E/multivitamin capsules, syrups, therapeutic preparations, functional foods and dietary supplements.
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