Sodium alginate

  • CAS Number – 9005-38-3
  • E Number – E401
  • Description – Sodium alginate (NaC6H7O6) is a linear polysaccharide derivative of alginic acid comprised of 1,4-β-d-mannuronic (M) and α-l-guluronic (G) acids. Sodium alginate is a cell wall component of marine brown algae, and contains approximately 30 to 60% alginic acid.
  • Application – Sodium alginate is extensively used in the food industry for products like ice creams, fruit fillings, low fat spreads, etc. because of its gelling,thickening and film forming properties. It is used as an impression-making material in dentistry, prosthetics, lifecasting, and for creating positives for small-scale casting. Sodium alginate is used in reactive dye printing and as a thickener for reactive dyes in textile screen-printing.
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