Contract Research and Manufacturing Services

We have signed exclusive partnerships with research and production facilities to develop and offer varied developmental and contract manufacturing services from 10 Milligrams to Kilos to Multi-ton scale in an environmentally friendly and cost-efficient manner for our global clients. The manufacturing facilities are GMP and ISO Certified strictly adhering to International Standards.

Our CRAM Services cater to Pharmaceuticals, Drug Discovery, Petrochemicals, Electronics, Petrochemicals, Personal Health Care and Polymer industries.

Reaction Expertise

  • Grignard Reaction
  • N-Butyl Lithium / n-Hexyl Lithium.
  • High Pressure Hydrogenation and Amination
  • Bromination
  • Chlorination
  • Fluorination
  • Cynation
  • Friedel Crafts Acylation and Alkylation
  • Oxidation
  • Asymmetric Reductions
  • Thermal re-arrangements
  • Coupling Reactions
  • Pyridine Compounds
  • Pyrimidine Intermediates
  • Piperazine Derivatives
  • Esterification
  • Halogen exchange / Substitution

Regulatory Services

We provide comprehensive regulatory consulting and strategy services to support all levels and sizes of business for all the Regulatory Agencies. Customers will gain access to valuable guidance from regulatory experts which extends to the company's specific products and processes to help create, implement, and manage internal or external (supply chain) regulatory strategies.

Services include

  • Identification of regulatory requirements.
  • Developing regulatory strategy and submissions
  • Dossier and Drug master file compilation for all regulated market.
  • Support for out-licensing BA/BE and analytical studies.
  • Direct access to on-call consulting support
  • Regulatory and research Q&A style support
  • Regulatory information management
  • Labelling assessment
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